Hi, Our Name is HostMamas.

We focus on helping business find their place on the Internet. From helping you understand who your online prospects are, to how to help them find your business and giving them the best experience possible through all touch points with your brand online- that is our passion.

Who are we?  In 7 words: Approachable. Educated. Fun. Female Owned. Small Business.

We think finding your place on the web shouldn't be seen as a challenge to your business, but an opportunity. Let our experts guide you through finding the right domain, hosting your site, and even though we provide a load of professional one-click FREE design tools we can also take over the design process entirely for you with web design and digital marketing services.

Where are we? Our headquarters is in Overland Park, Kansas- right outside of Kansas City. We partner with a top support staff to ensure our clients are covered 24/7/365. When it comes to website hosting, our name-brand servers are housed within top tier datacenters to deliver an optimum blend of affordability, flexibility and reliability.